Greetings from Professional ID Cards, Inc.

11 February 2020

Greetings! Professional ID Cards, Inc. has entered the blogosphere. We want to start by announcing our new website.

In an attempt to keep things “fresh”, we have updated our website. In addition to the new look, we have introduced a few new features that will allow us to better interact with our customers. First, we are reintroducing the link to the FTP site. As many of our long-time customers are aware, we have an FTP site which allows customers to quickly and easily upload pictures and information to us. The last few years we have tried to focus more on using Google Drive. However, many of our clients still prefer the FTP site. So, we decided to now feature both. If you are not familiar with either feature or would like more information on how they work, feel free to contact us.

Another new feature of the website is the enhanced “Getting Started” link. The new link will allow prospective customers to provide us more information so we can quickly begin the design process. Since we custom design all of our cards, it will always be necessary for you to send us the information needed to make you a custom designed card. This enhanced interface will allow us the ability to start the process much quicker.

These are just a few features of the new website. Please take the time to review the website and give us your thoughts. We always appreciate the support our customers provide.

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