Photo ID Cards, Badges, and Name Tags from Professional ID Cards, Inc.

At Professional ID Cards, Inc., we know that security is more important today than it ever has been before. New technology, the ease of travel and tumultuous world events mean that crimes involving identity theft and impersonation are occurring at a rate that is much higher than was reported in the past. For this reason, all kinds of organizations - from schools to police departments - are taking the important step of requiring employees to wear photo identification cards. As they do, they discover that ID cards help them cultivate a more professional, detail-oriented image for their company or organization.

Horizontal, Vertical and Combined Identification/Access Cards

Professional ID Cards, Inc. knows how important your organization's security is. We also know that professional ID cards are only effective if they are durable, easy to read and difficult to duplicate. Offering an assortment of horizontal, vertical and combined identification/access cards, Professional ID Cards, Inc. is committed to providing organizations of all types with the highest quality, most secure photo identification cards on the market.

Customizable Full Color ID Cards

Our full color ID cards are fully customizable so they are difficult to duplicate. By having a hand in designing your organization's card, you will ensure that the professionalism and character of your business is reflected in every detail, including your ID cards. If designing your card is not something you wish to do, leave the designing to us. We also offer standard designs that can be modified to meet your needs. The cards are made from PVC plastic so they resist fading and are highly durable.

Professional ID Cards for Your Organization

Professional, full color ID cards not only helps to keep your organization and identity secure, but also gives you a polished, professional appearance. Let Professional ID Cards, Inc., provide your business with secure, professional ID cards that reflect your organization’s character with our high quality products.


Full Color ID Card Examples

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